summer outfit ideas ☀️

Γειά σας

Το καλοκαίρι επιτέλους  ήρθε ,για αύτο  βγάζουμε τα καλοκαιρινά μας ρουχα και παμε για καλοκαιρινές περιπέτειες!

hey guys

Summer is finally here, so we put our summer clothes on and we are ready for our summer adventures!

Το πρώτο ντύσιμο είναι μια  ασύμμετρη ροδακινή  μπλούζα μαζι με ενα άσπρο φλόραλ σορτσάκι και τα υπέροχα ponyskin flatforms

First outfit is an asymmetric peachy blouse together with a white floral short and the amazing ponyskin flatforms


Το δευτερο ντυσιμο ειναι μια ασπρη “good vibes” μπλουζα μαζι με ενα navy μπλε σορτσακι και τα πιο αναπαυτικα καφε σανδαλια!

The second outfit is a white t-shirt with the logo “good vibes” with a navy blue short and the most comfortable brown sandals!


Αυτα για σημερα

φιλακια Β

Thats all for today

xo V



HEY loves its v

lately i am trying to put a little color in my wardrobe ( i am trying ok  ? ) because pretty much my closet is full of black clothes !

many people love wearing black . I don’t blame them it is the most easy color and  it goes with everything. But to be honest its a little scary  , so here is 2  outfits that can help you put a little color in you black outfit


pink jacket : foever 21

bag : hand made sewing shop

shoes : adidas superstars



gold bracelets : secret stories

bag : handmade sewing shop


pink choker : soho chic jewel

gold bracelets : secret stories

bag : handmade sewing shop


another outfit that has a little color except for black is this : i worn this comfy  grey sweatshirt.It is so comfy and cute and goes perfect with pink


sweatshirt : romwe fashion

pink choker : soho chic jewel

watch : dukudu

shoes: boziki


thats all for today cuties i hope you like it

kisses V